Saucier fire damages property

By Jessica Bowman – email

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Many homes were threatened in Saucier Sunday afternoon when a fire got out of hand.  One home was damaged, no one was injured.

Five acres of land charred in six minutes.

Assistant Fire Chief Gary Gilliland from the Lizana Fire Department says, "This fire started with a couple of kids playing with fire works like a little grenade fire work right here smoke bomb it caught this dry grass on fire."

According to the Harrison County Sheriff's Department, 27-year-old Samuel Harrison of Saucier was playing paintball with friends when set a smoke bomb off that turned into a threatening fire.

"The fire went up under to a mobile home that's sitting out here on the property," says Assistant Fire Chief Garry Gilliland.

Gilliland says the blaze could have been much worse.

"With this high wind blowing we had to call in our sister station from Saucier to assist us to protect structures and protect some of the property around the place so it wouldn't get into anybody else's home," says Assistant Fire Chief Garry Gilliland.

Due to high winds fire officials say a fire break will be plowed around the perimeter of the blaze to contain possible flare-ups.

Assistant Fire Chief Gary Gilliland says, "Everything's put out, the fire has killed itself out there's no flames no fire down here in this area so this fire is out and we won't have to worry about this one again."

Officials with the Harrison County Sheriff's Department say the fire has been ruled accidental.

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