Tips for protecting your car in cold weather

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - The last thing anyone needs in freezing temperatures is a car that won't start or stalls out.  Estabrook Toyota Service Technicians Eric Gunther and Rickey Beaver believe that if you give your vehicle a little extra TLC now, you'll be able to avoid breakdowns in the future.

"In the South, we are not used to this very cold weather that we are having right now," Gunther said.

Some of their recommendations are simple, such as cranking up the car and letting it sit for a few minutes. They say this process will warm up the engine and get fluids running. Also, make sure the rubber blade wipers on your car are in excellent condition.

Low tire pressure is also something drivers should check before hitting the road.

"Checking your tires are one of the most important safety features on your car," Beaver said. "As the temperature drops, the air pressure in your tires tends to drop also."

"Take your tire pressure gauge, look at pressure, and if your pressure is low, simply add some air," Gunter said as he checked the tires on a car.

Another tip is testing your battery. Gunther said a battery can lose its juice in chilly conditions.

"When you start your vehicle, you can tell because it can be a slow start or at a no start condition," Gunther said.

And never let fluids run empty during a cold snap, especially antifreeze, or you may end up doing major damage to your engine.

"The proper antifreeze will help the condition of your vehicle and the operating temperature to provide proper heating in the car," Gunther said.

Technicians also recommend drivers carry an emergency safety kit at all times.

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