Coast Business Busy With Military Uniforms

Sewing machines are running virtually non-stop at Monograms Ect. in Gulfport. Since Coast troops have been ordered to head overseas, the embroidery business has been flooded with orders to get their uniforms ready.

Owner Connie Campbell said "We have probably four sets and a jacket for close to 100 people. This is unusual to have this much at one time".

They begin by pulling apart the pockets. Campbell pointed to a jacket pocket and said "I love the new desert colors. We sew the name tag on it, also their name on the other side. Sometimes we have rank, like 1st class, 2nd class". Then, the pockets are sewn back on.

With bags of uniforms piling up, Campbell's husband has had to pitch in and stitch. Tommy Campbell said "I'm taking a few days off of work to help her because she's so busy. She needs somebody to help her. She's going 24 hours around the clock".

Sometimes, things get so hectic the Campbells have to call in reinforcements. Campbell said "Many times we have to bring in a second shift, or sometimes an overnight shift to turn them out".

The Campbells face a Saturday deadline to finish several hundred uniforms. No need to sit on pins and needles though. They're confident they'll get the job done. Campbell said "We are grateful to do our part. I really feel that's what we're doing is doing our best to support our troops, and take care of those people".

Monograms Ect. currently has six employees. The company could use some extra help with the uniforms. If you'd like to volunteer, or work a few hours a week, call them at 864-9777.