WLOX Reporter Deploying With Seabees

More Gulfport Seabees are getting set for an overseas deployment. Hundreds from Naval Mobile Construction Battalion Seven received their military gear for deployment somewhere in Southwest Asia.

The Seabees will leave in the next few days. And with them on "The Road to War" will be WLOX Reporter Nathan Mihelich.

Nathan too got suited up Thursday.

"I'm ready to go," Mihelich said. "I'll be what the military calls and embedded journalist. I will sleep, eat, and work with the Seabees as they fill a vital role supporting U.S. troops."

Thursday, Mihelich went to the Seabee base to get his shots and supplies.

"I arrived to the Seabee medical center to get the anthrax and small vaccines. I was kind of nervous and filling out some forms, didn't help calm me down," Mihelich said.

"Anthrax is not too bad. You normally don't really have to many side effects," Chief Keith McGhee of NCBC 7 said.

There are different types of anthrax, some are deadly.

"To be honest with you, if you got that one you could pretty much cancel Christmas," McGhee said.

Mihelich also received the smallpox shot.

"Just do what we do and follow the rules and you should be safe. I don't think we're going to be on the front lines or anything. They're going to give you gas masks, that's the most serious stuff," McGhee said.

Mihelich headed over to get some of those serious supplies like a Kevlar helmet, flack vest and a full CBR suit.

Mihelich will spend a week or two with NCBC 7 and bring back stories of the jobs they do. You'll be able to check up on Nathan daily right here on WLOX.com.