Newsweek calls Barbour the Anti-Obama

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Could a wealthy, white, well-connected southerner really grow up to be president? That's the question Newsweek magazine is asking about Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour this week.

In a four page article, Newsweek calls Governor Haley Barbour "The Anti-Obama" and offers a less than flattering account of Barbour's weight, his office adorned with Confederate artifacts, and his habit of riding in an SUV to cross the street from his office to the state capitol.

Barbour's name has been on the GOP's presidential radar for some time, even leading up to the 2008 race. But the former party chair and Washington lobbyist always seems to brush off any presidential push.

Newsweek credits Barbour as one of the few Republicans who benefited from his handling of Hurricane Katrina response and recovery.

Barbour took over as head of the Republican Governors' Association after scandal forced South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford out of the post this summer.

Newsweek also states that Barbour has the connections to raise the money for a White House run. Those are just a few of the reasons Newsweek gives Haley Barbour the title of the GOP's Mr. Fix it.

The magazine lists Barbour as one of six GOP front runners in 2012, including former Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.

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