Spirit of cooperation must thrive in our state legislature

We all have heard many times that this is going to be a difficult session for the Mississippi Legislature this year. Slumping sales tax collections will force legislators to make additional cuts to balance the state budget, something that is required by law. Cutting millions of dollars from various state programs is never easy. Trying to balance the need to save funds, but, provide enough dollars for an agency to operate is tricky at best.

But the good news we have heard this week is that there is a spirit of cooperation at the state capitol. The governor told us the attitude coming out of the legislature is more positive and cooperative than he has ever seen since he has been governor. He said just like Hurricane Katrina, these hard times will force us to make some tough choices.

Also this week long time coast senator Tommy Gollott said he thought the Democrats and Republicans up in Jackson will find ways to work together. He said by doing so, is the only way to help bring Mississippi forward.

This is refreshing to hear as we watch what happens in our nation's capital where many votes are cast along party lines. In Mississippi our economic belt must be tightened some more and with legislators on both sides of the political spectrum working together those needed cuts can be made more wisely without either party blaming or taking credit. We hope what we have heard this week will prevail throughout the next several months as tough choices have to be made.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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