Harper McCaughan starts new year in new building

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - About 400 Long Beach students started the new year in a brand new school. The new Harper McCaughan Elementary on Pineville Road opened Tuesday morning.

The two-story building replaces the old school in downtown Long Beach was destroyed by Katrina. Students now have 19-classrooms, a full-size gym which they didn't have before and a cafeteria, all under one roof.

For most of the students, this was an exciting experience because they've been going to school in trailers.

Fifth grader Brooke Williams said, "I'm very excited about it because it's all brand new. This morning, I was a little worried about getting lost, but I was lucky to meet up with a few friends."

"I think it's awesome, and it's better for us because there's a lot of kids and in trailers. There's not a lot of room," Fifth Grader Abbey Fisher said about her previous class rooms. "Our classrooms are bigger, and they're better. And there's a lot more room in the hallways, so we don't have to walk outside in the cold."

The principal said there were some traffic tie-ups Tuesday morning as parents dropped off their children, but overall, the first day of school went smoothly.

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