Slip fees going up for some Biloxi boaters

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Biloxi restructured its slip fee charges Tuesday. Consequently, boaters will have to pay more to dock their vessels at the Small Craft Harbor and at Point Cadet Marina.

The city council decided that if a boat is 60 feet long, its owner must pay $360 a month. An additional surcharge will be tacked on to slip fee bills to cover the city's electricity costs.

Before the harbors were rebuilt, boaters paid their own power bills. Now, that bill goes to the city. So, Biloxi came up with a way to use the size of a boat's generator to determine how much a boat slip renter should pay for electricity.

Biloxi councilmen believe their new formula will cover the city's costs to run the Small Craft Harbor and Point Cadet Marina. Construction on both harbors should be completed by May.

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