Moss Point hires economic director to spur new development

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - The city of Moss Point has a new economic development director.    Greg Miller is ready to map out a plan to get more investors and tourists to spend in the city.

Miller has been Economic Development Director for only month, and he already has a long to-do-list on how to improve Moss Point.

"My goal is to drive new investment to the city, but I also want to work with the existing businesses to increase their growth," Miller said.

Miller worked for the state of Florida for seven years, and he hopes to take practices that worked there to help grow Moss Point's economy.  One strategy will be to sell Moss Point as a great location for new business owners and foreign investors.

"We are near the Gulf and it has some advantages. We're very close to I-10 and it also has advantages. We have a lot of land in the area, so that is also attractive to some industries," Miller said.

Miller said there are investors already eager to spend big money in Moss Pont.  Mississippi Gasification wants to a build a $2 billion plant on the Old International Paper Company site.

"I know that is going be a tremendous asset to the city, and from that we can develop some target or industry sectors."

Miller admits it will be a challenging task to lure more spenders and shoppers in this bad economy. But he expects with a game plan, special incentives, and hard work, Moss Point will thrive.

"We have the opportunity to identify ourselves; other cities already have an identity.  We are not identified as one type of city or one type of entity, so there is tremendous opportunity."

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