Say So Long To The Alamo

It was the last stand at the Alamo Wednesday afternoon as the old Alamo Plaza Hotel in Gulfport was demolished to make way for the new Legacy condominiums.

Built back in 1949, the building was home to many people over the years.

"I remember back in 1974, I was in the military and I stayed here," neighbor Eddie McDaniel said.

McDaniel only stayed at the hotel one night, but liked the area enough that he bought a house nearby. He's says he has stories you wouldn't believe about the old building. We saw a smile on his face as walls came down.

"You could hear all sorts of noises in the night, gunshots and screams, you know always something going on here," McDaniel said.

Another neighbor Herb Mizes came to watch the building go down. As a retired engineer he found it interesting to watch the excavators tear into the walls.

"It's a very conventional type of building. It's two by fours on sixteen centers, you know stick built," Mizes said.

And that's how it looked coming down, sticks coming apart with almost no effort at all. No wrecking ball was needed, just a few swipes from the metal claw.

The Old Ollie House, the Alamo's friend next door, met with the same fate.

"It's got a lot of history to it. There's been several families live there, but it's got to make way for progress," said Fred Fayard of F&F Construction.

Once the old buildings are down, condos will go up, and a new legacy will live at the Alamo site.

Much of the rubble will be taken to a special landfill in Harrison County where construction workers say it will be compacted and recycled.