Brad's Blog: WLOX News starts 2010 with a bang

By Brad Kessie – bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - All of us at WLOX-TV hope you had a wonderful holiday season.  We wish you health and prosperity in the New Year.

The calendar has changed, but the problems plaguing our state remain the same.  South Mississippi is still digging itself out from Hurricane Katrina.  And the entire state is battling a budget shortfall.

We know that the financial health of Mississippi one of the most significant issues facing the state in 2010.  We've heard the rhetoric about sales tax collections being way below expectations.  And we've heard Governor Barbour's recommendation about another round of budget cuts.

This Tuesday, state lawmakers open the 2010 legislative session.  It may be one of the most important sessions in Mississippi history, because how lawmakers decide to handle the budget crisis will be critical for every one of us.

It's so critical that WLOX News will reformat its five o'clock news that day.  Governor Barbour has agreed to be in our studio and answer a variety of questions about the state's economy.  We'll devote the first half of our newscast to that live interview, because we want to learn as much as we can about the health of our government.  We want to find out whether colleges will be consolidated, why school districts must be merged, and if jobs must be slashed to balance the state's budget.

If you have questions you'd like us to ask the governor on Tuesday, post them in the comment section at the bottom of this blog.

The interview with Governor Barbour is just one example of how WLOX News is enhancing its coverage from the state capitol.  Our lead reporter in Jackson will be Ashley Conroy.  She will cover the issues being debated by the house and by the senate.

On, we've created a legislative page, specifically so you have access to news from the capitol.  That page will include tweets and blogs from a few of your lawmakers, so you can stay current on the bills under consideration.

The gavel falls on the 2010 legislative session Tuesday at noon.  But the most important live TV interview of the day can only be seen on WLOX News at 5:00, when Governor Haley Barbour provides some eye opening insights about the state of Mississippi's economy.  Be sure to join us.

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