Man walks from NY to New Orleans relying on kindness

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BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - One man's journey to find the good in people is almost to a close. Back in late August, Garth Poorman decided to walk from his hometown in upstate New York to New Orleans relying mostly on good hearted strangers to help him out from time to time. On Saturday, we caught up with Garth in Bay St. Louis.

By the time Garth Poorman arrived in Bay St. Louis he already walked more than 1,000 miles to find out if it was really possible to live on the kindness of strangers.

"So I had the thought of intentionally living a life where every night I get to meet different people who are willing to take me in," said Poorman. "Seemed really exciting. Like I'd formed a lot of wonderful friendships. It just seemed like a fun way to live."

From town to town, without fail, Poorman says some kind person has taken him in. His 99th doorstep was the home of Lee and Liz Bosarge who say they saw a television news story about Poorman when he was in Tuskegee.

"There wasn't even any hesitation," said Liz Bosarge. "I thought he needs a place to stay, and we have a big house and an empty room."

The Bosarges say they are able to share their big house with Poorman thanks to the volunteers who helped build it. After Katrina, the couple had nothing but the clothes on their backs, and people they didn't know cared enough to lend a hand.

Lee Bosarge said, "It still amazes me all the people who come down here and helped us. They don't know us. They haven't had any connection with us. They just come out here. The day after the storm, there were people coming down the street handing out stuff to people from the back of their truck. It was amazing that they would do that, complete strangers."

Poorman said of his adventure, "It's been a reminder to me to not live my life based on the fears that I have and live it more based on the ideas of what I know deep down, and the hope I have in and just kind of follow my bliss."

Garth Poorman says he will fly from New Orleans back to New York on Friday. While in Mississippi, he says he also stayed with families in Ocean Springs, Biloxi, and Gulfport.

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