First two babies of 2010

Johnson Family (Photo Source: Hancock Medical Center)
Johnson Family (Photo Source: Hancock Medical Center)

By Karen Abernathy – bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The first baby of the year born on the coast is Anthony Adrian Norton. Little Anthony was born at 1:36 PM at Biloxi Regional Medical Center. He weighs six pounds nine ounces and is 21 inches long.

His proud parents are Michael and Samantha Norton.

"The due date was actually the 11th," Michael Norton said. "We just happened to, at about 7:30, she said her water broke. I said, 'Are you sure?' She said, 'Yes!" And sure enough."

The Norton's bundle of joy was the first baby of the year.

Just minutes after little Anthony was born in Harrison County, Hancock County welcomed its first baby of the year giving Hancock Medical Center an extra reason to celebrate on this New Year's Day.

2010 marks the 50th anniversary of Hancock Medical Center as the county owned hospital in Hancock County.

We mark that special anniversary by introducing you to the hospital's first baby of the year and decade.

Proud parents Brandon and Jessica Johnson from the Kiln are ringing in the new year with their new baby boy. Leland James Johnson was the first baby born at Hancock Medical Center on this 50th anniversary of the hospital on New Year's Day.

"We just realized that a little while ago. It feels pretty good," Jessica said.

Little Leland arrived two weeks earlier than his due date, but doctors thought it was time.

"We came in at four o'clock this [Friday] morning to induce because he was so large," Jessica said.

Leland was born at 1:45 Friday afternoon, weighing in at nine pounds and two ounces.

"He's beautiful, a big old boy," the doting mom said.

And this big boy has a big sister waiting for him at home.

"We have a three year old girl at home who is a very excited big sister," Jessica said. "Her exact words were woo hoo!!!"

The Johnson's are excited to be getting all this attention on this special day, but Dad says most of all they're happy everyone is safe and sound.

"As long as baby boy and Mommy are healthy, that's all I was concerned about," Brandon said.

As for their hopes for their new baby boy?

"I just hope he grows up to be a good person, good morals and everything," Brandon said.

The Johnson's plan to take little Anthony home on Sunday.

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