Part Of New Bayview Avenue About To Open

George Bullock is kind of like the conductor of an orchestra. The project superintendent's arms direct construction traffic around Bayview Avenue the way a maestro leads his symphony.

Bullock's musicians have until the weekend to finish part one of the Bayview Avenue construction concerto. "We've still got paving to do," said Bullock. "And we've got some more curbing and sidewalk to pour and some driveways in this area here."

Alvin Ellis has a starring role in this construction concert. His cement curbs must be in sync with the roadway. If they are, the western end of Bayview can open by the mayor's March 15 deadline. "Oh yes, we'll have it done," Ellis said. "No problem at all. No problem at all."

The conductor cued the backhoe, and it smoothed Bayview's surface. He pointed to his asphalt machines, and they poured the middle stanza of this performance. "That's what we're here to do," Bullock said. "We make these projects go as fast as we can make them go, so we can turn them back over to the city. Put cars back on them."

Bullock's construction orchestra has until May to complete the entire mile and a half widening project on Biloxi's back bay.

One of the reasons Biloxi is widening Bayview Avenue is so it can provide better access to some back bay casino sites. The entire Bayview Avenue widening project extends from Boomtown to Oak Street.