Troopers work to prevent holiday accidents

By Jessica Bowman – email

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - The holidays can be one of the deadliest times of year as drivers head out of town. The Mississippi Highway Patrol is out in full force working to prevent accidents before they occur.

It's an intersection known for being accident prone.

Travis Cooper says, "I've done seen so many accidents out here. Right here at this intersection at 49 and Dedeaux."

Travis Cooper, a cashier at the Exxon gas station at Highway 49 and Dedeaux Road, isn't the only one who has seen countless crashes at the intersection.

Billy Scarborough says, "I've seen two or three within one hour right there in that North bound lane."

Terrance Williams says, "I stay in the Orange Grove area right down Dedeaux and right now you know it's a lot of accidents in this area really right there.

Locals say another problem area is less than a mile North of Dedeaux Road on Highway 49.

"This intersection right here right in front of Winn Dixie also by Five Minute Oil Change. Drivers could pay more attention and get off the cell phones because a lot of drivers now ride around cell phones on their ear all the time," says Travis Cooper.

Troopers with the Mississippi Highway Patrol say even though the holidays are coming to an end they want to help deter accidents and help keep motorists safe while on the road.

Johnny Poulos from the Mississippi Highway Patrol says, "We want people to understand you're still going to see MHP's presence out on the road, we're going to continue to have the check points and you're going to see these and here again this is just to protect human life."

While this holiday season hasn't been accident free, Poulos says, overall, people appear to be getting the message.

"Well since Christmas Eve we have been really successful as far as accidents we've had a few, we've had minor injuries no fatalities," says Johnny Poulos.

It's a pattern Poulos hopes will continue as the new year rolls in.

The Mississippi Highway Patrol has been collecting state wide statistics since Christmas Eve. As of Sunday night there were 68 DUI's, 3,825 citations, 146 accidents and two fatalities.

As of Sunday night there were no fatalities in South Mississippi.

Again, these numbers are state wide. The holiday campaign ends Sunday night at midnight.

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