Doug's Blog: Welcome to "animal house"

By Doug Walker – bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - You may recall that classic 1980's film, "Animal House".   Well, John Belushi and his merry band of hooligan college buddies have nothing on me.

You see, if you want to visit the real "Animal House", come to my place this holiday season. First, some background.

Early in our marriage, Lila and I had pets.  Either a dog or a cat, or sometimes both.  But eventually, Moses, Gollum, Ginger and Jasmine all went to that big boneyard or litter box in the sky.  After that, we went petless for several years.

But with my eldest daughter, Tara, in vet school, she was always interested and in love with animals.  She adopted a puppy named Bella and we all fell in love with that incredibly smart dog.  Then she got Asher, another dog.  Then two cats named Stella and Blanche.  That was too much for her to handle at college, so she gave the cats to my other daughter Ashley, who is a grad student at Kentucky.

In the meantime, Tara kept on us both about getting a pet in the house.  And after several years of nagging, we gave in.  We adopted a shelter rescue dog and named him Leo (after catahoula LEOpard dog).  Lila thought is was a good idea for Leo to have a buddy to play with.  So Zoe the cat came into our lives, also from a shelter.  Two was enough.

But wait, there's more.  Now how much insanity will you get for this price.  While we were adjusting to having two pets at home again, Tara was busy collecting more animals.  But not your everyday pets, like puppies and kittens.  No, Tara was a bit more extreme.  Let's try two guinea pigs, two lizards(including a Bearded Dragon) and a snake.  I think you're starting to get my point.

Guess where everyone and everything ended up this holiday season. Right here!  Let's total up the numbers, shall we. In my humble 1250 square foot home, we have four humans, three dogs, three cats, two lizards, two guinea pigs, and a snake.  It makes for some interesting moments,  Especially when Zoe pulls the Bearded Dragon out of it's cage, and starts playing with it.  The dogs bark and play tug of war, the cats hiss at each other, the snake slithers, and the guinea pigs give my home the scent of a petting zoo.

But guess what?  I wouldn't trade the commotion for anything in the world.  Everyone is home, safe and sound.  Family is everything.  Welcome to "Animal House".

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