Shoppers head out early for bargains

By Jessica Bowman – email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Some compare the day after Christmas to 'Black Friday' with stores slashing prices and offering deals. The parking lot at Edgewater Mall in Biloxi was full Saturday morning.

Doorbuster deals, coupons and instant cash lured hundreds of shoppers to after Christmas sales.

April Garrett said, "I'm looking for discounts."

Standing in long lines, customers were ready once they finally made their way to the checkout counter.

Toby Kelly is the JCPenny store manager.

Kelly said, "We have coupons for bounce back, so people coming in spending more than $75 will get a $15 instant cash for doing that and $10 instant cash off $50."

He said the sluggish economy didn't have an effect at his store.

"First two hours opening up this morning, we beat last years numbers, so that was very exciting," Kelly said. "If today comes in where we projected, then we will come flat to last year."

JCPenny was one of Edgewater Mall's anchor stores that had an early bird special.

"We opened at 5:00 this morning to the surprise of having a nice crowd building outside this morning," said Kelly.

Other shoppers made their way through the mall with one thing on their mind.

"Last minute Christmas shopping after Christmas," Garrett said.

Managers from other stores at Edgewater Mall say the after Christmas shoppers helped boost sales back to where they should be.

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