Group delivers gifts and greetings to needy family on Christmas

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Ladies from Sisters of Prosperity were definitely in the Christmas spirit this morning as they loaded and prepared to deliver presents to a family of four.

"Okay, we are on our way to Ocean Springs to help our needy family," said group president Wynetta Pugh. "I know they are going be excited because we are excited!"

They said one of their community members, Yesenia Padilla, told them she couldn't afford to put anything under the tree for her kids this year.

"The mom recently had surgery, and she has been out of work with no income," Pugh said.

"She has this four year old and he did not understand that his mom could not purchase anything for him, so we thought let's get together and get the family something," group member Theresa Echols said.

Thanks to donations from neighbors in the community and money out of these gift givers own pockets, they headed to the family's home with more than a dozen surprises in their hands and holiday songs on their lips.

The mother and her three little ones were shocked to receive this very special Christmas delivery.

"I wasn't expecting all this, and I am so happy," mother Yesenia Padilla said.

The kids' eyes lit up as they tore open their boxes to see the cool gifts. The youngsters got everything from tennis shoes to toys on this Christmas day. Alizaih Suarez said she's especially pleased with her presents because the group got her just what she wanted.

"My Hannah Montana watch because I like Hannah Montana," Suarez said about her new gift.

"The best thing about all of this, they put a smile on my kids' face," Padilla said.

The volunteer group says it plans to continue providing gifts for needy families in Jackson County, but the ladies need financial support. If you would like to donate to Sisters of Prosperity, call (228) 217-3902.

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