Don't drink and drive

During this next week, you will notice a number of public service announcements on WLOX dealing with drunk driving. It is part of Project Roadblock, an awareness campaign that WLOX, the Ad council and many other television stations across the country have developed to inform our viewers about the dangers of drunk driving.

It appears these public service announcements, which we sponsor each year, and other educational programs are working. A local highway patrol official recently told me that it seems that people are getting the message about drunk driving and they aren't seeing as many drunk drivers as they once did.

Yes, you can celebrate the New Year, but make sure you do it safely. If you go to a party, have a designated driver. If you see someone celebrating too much, call them a cab. Together we can make sure this holiday period will be one where we won't have to report any deaths as a result of a drunk driver. Happy New Year everyone.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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