Guitars and Cadillacs owners speak out after stabbing

By Krystal Allan – bio | email

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - When Kenny Davis and David Buchanan signed on as owners of the Guitars and Cadillacs nightclub in January, they'll be the first to tell you security was a problem.

"When we first opened, there was probably a call every weekend," Davis remembered. "And we finally had a security meeting and decided it wasn't working so we changed up."

The club now has between 13 to 18 security guards, depending on how busy things get, posted at eight different spots throughout the club. Two of the guards are undercover. There are also 46 cameras capturing video surveillance inside and outside the club.

Owners say within the last four months, they've had significantly less trouble at the club.

"Last Thursday night, we had 1200 people come through the door and not one fight, not one argument, not one problem at all," Davis said.

So with the owners touting an improved safety record, how did two Navy men end up stabbed outside the club?  For now, it's a question neither police nor video surveillance can answer with certainty.

Instead of waiting for an answer, the owners said they're already working on ways to keep trouble from coming back.

"From now on, we're gonna leave two security guards outside and tell them not to come in," Davis said.

Owners said they think the trouble started after security guards who were outside went back in to get the last patrons out. Other security features they plan to re-evaluate are the cameras outside the club.

"The camera stops at a certain point and doesn't quite go over to the Golden Dragon (next door) as far as I would like it to so we can see more," Davis said.

One of the men stabbed is still in the hospital, at one point listed in critical condition.  Police have arrested four men in connection with the stabbing. One man has since been cleared of the charges against him.

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