Gov. Barbour: If health care bill passes, MS taxes will go up

By Danielle Thomas – bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - On Sunday, Governor Haley Barbour issued a statement on the Healthcare Reform bill indicating its passage would increase state taxes. WLOX has posted the release in its entirety.

"As debate enters its final hours, the Senate Democratic Leadership says it has exactly the number of votes needed to pass its dreadful healthcare reform bill. Despite opposition from a majority of Americans, most Governors and other state officials, consumer groups, business leaders, and healthcare professionals, the Senate majority seems intent
on cramming this monstrosity down the American people's throats.

They would expand a broken Medicaid system and impose enormous costs on states that are still reeling from the effects of the national recession. Other provisions of the bill are equally harmful.

Over the weekend we learned Senate Majority Leader Reid brokered a sweetheart deal, selling out taxpayers to pay the costs of the State of Nebraska's expanded Medicaid eligible population forever. Mississippi and the rest of the states will necessarily have to raise taxes or cut services like education and public safety to cover the greatly increased Medicaid costs under the Reid bill.

In return, American families and businesses will pay higher health insurance premiums and higher taxes to fund a reform bill that will worsen the quality of health care and cost seniors nearly $500 billion of health care spending.
Democrats are being told it is good politics to cram a bill down the voters' throats that the voters have already decided they don't want, because it will increase the cost of insurance and healthcare, and hurt seniors on Medicare. If that is not enough, the bill will also
raise state taxes."

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