South Mississippi Women Using Diversity For Common Good

March is Women's History Month. WLOX News is showcasing some local women who are trying to make a difference in their communities. The Mississippi Federation of Women is made up of women's groups from across the state. On Saturday, members held a district meeting in Long Beach.

The women explained how they are using their differences to come together for a common goal. They are spotlighting issues like world hunger and breast cancer. They are feeding and clothing needy children. In all the ladies from Women's Clubs across South Mississippi have been very busy.

Purvis Women's Club member Missy Simmons said "This is when we get to verbally stand up and say this is what we've done. This is what we're proud of and what we're doing for our community."

Most clubs had more to talk about than they had time for so they brought along scrapbooks that showcased their commitment to a wide range of community service projects. This year's theme is "Unity in Diversity".

"We make comfort pillows for women who've had mastectomies so that's something that a lot of women who like to sew can do where I don't sew very well," Charlena Stephens of Woman's Club of Gulfport. "I can do other things and so that way with the different projects that we do we are able to include different women and their different types of work."

Although they work together, many of the ladies from are different backgrounds including stay at home moms, career women, and retirees.

"We all have different aspects and different views on things and we come together and hopefully do a better job because of that," said Stephens.

The Mississippi Federation of Women will have their state conference next month in Meridian.