College Students Voice Opposition To War

Just as they did during the Vietnam War, college students are making their voices heard in demonstrations against a possible war with Iraq. "The general feeling is people don't agree with it," says student Melissa Roughton.

Other students from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College tell us there is talk across campus about the threat President Bush says Sadam Hussein poses to America. The students say the president has a personal agenda in going after the Iraqui leader. Brandon Cox says, "As he has stated before it is personal with him and following his father's footsteps in bypassing our consititution which says the power to declare war is not with the executive it's with congress. He's bypassing that and going to the UN for approval."

One student thinks war is unavoidable, but she would still like to see more proof that it's justified. "I believe that the war should happen because of the threat that's happening but I'd like to see some viable proof that he is harboring weapons," says Mandy Romero.  But one student wonders what's to stop Saddam from making more weapons. "He has these weapons and if he's gonna use 'em, he's gonna use 'em. I mean I don't see any reason why we should make him destroy them. He's gong to use them no matter what, he'll find another way to make more," says Michele Bang.

Another student says the President needs to focus on domestic issues here at home instead of making war plans abroad. Deserree Byars says, "Our economy's not doin' too good and nobody seems to care. People are losin their jobs, they're goin' hungry. I just don't see a point in fightin' a war."  A war the students say will take its toll on many innocent people, and on our troops fighting for freedom.