Grinch steals tree from Pascagoula store

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - "I feel terrible that someone would need a Christmas tree that bad to take it away from the general public," Gas-N-Save Supervisor Jan Jackson said.

Jackson said whoever stole the store's $300 tree wasn't in the Christmas Spirit.  Luckily, the store had a surveillance camera to record Thursday's night theft.

The video captures a man in a black truck pulling up to the store on Ingalls Avenue. He jumps out, looks around, grabs the huge Christmas tree outside the store and begins loading it on his truck.

"However, he is having a little bit of a struggle there because it is such a large Christmas tree," Jackson said as she watched the video.

After a few minutes of wrestling with the tree, the man manages to take it.

Jackson said it's disappointing because the holiday tree welcomed customers to her Pascagoula store.  She believes the holiday theft was done as an unfortunate practical joke.

"I just really think it was a prankster myself."

Pascagoula Police Captain Shannon Broom said officers are actively investigating the tree theft and looking for a Black Ford Ranger with white pin stripes down the side.  He said the surveillance video should make it easier to track down and arrest the person or persons responsible.

"I am hoping that they find this person, and maybe it will bring some closure to this and let people know you cannot get away with stealing a Christmas tree."

Workers said the Christmas tree bandit may have taken their decorations, but he can't rob them of their holiday spirit. They plan to continue decorating this gas station to celebrate holidays.

"It will probably make us do a little bit more," Jackson said.

Pascagoula Police are asking anyone who knows anything about the Christmas tree theft on Ingalls Avenue to call investigators at (228) 762-2211.

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