Former Students Try To Save Old High School Building

The weathered bricks, boarded windows, and chipped paint of the old Pascagoula High School may be just another abandoned building to some, destined to be demolished. But to others...

"It's pure sentiment. Pure sentiment. It's just part of our young life that we just hate to see go.Year after year we see some of our landmarks, some of our buildings that we grew up with just slowly slipping away," said former student Nancy Barfield-Coon.

Barfield-Coon along with about 20 other Pascagoula High grads gathered at the Pascagoula Library to see that the old building does not become just another memory. They came to discuss alternatives to the building's proposed demolition.

"It's been discussed by the people in this room - one would be to use that old auditorium and turn it into what it used to be - an auditorium. There isn't a performing arts center in Pascagoula right now," said one unidentified former student.

And other ideas tossed around - a museum, a community center, a retirement community, anything to keep the building standing.

"It's a part of our heritage, and I'm very sentimental to this area since I come from this area. It's important to me. But not only that, it's a shame to see a good building go to waste," said meeting organizer Beau Foutz.

Dr. H.K. Seay was not only a student at the old high school, but he also served as a faculty member as well as assistant principal. He understands both sides - the sentimental value as well as the financial obligation of the school board.

"I think the school board has done what they had to do. They've tried to sell it and they certainly have no other need for it...for school purposes, and so the ideal thing or the legal thing is to declare it surplus and hopefully someone else would have a need for it," said Seay.

The next "Save the Old Pascagoula High" meeting is tentatively scheduled for April 3.

If you would like to help or just want more information, please contact Beau Foutz at 769-2884.