D'Iberville council member wants noise ordinance

By Danielle Thomas – bio | email

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - A D'Iberville council member says he would like to see his city adopt a noise ordinance similar to what other towns have. Stephen Furney says that topic and many others will be up for discussion at a ward meeting set for Monday.

Furney, a first-term councilman, hit the streets of D'Iberville. He said he wanted to keep the residents of Ward Four informed.

"To let the people know what's going on and what projects are on it's way," Furney said.

He said he wanted to also find out what's on people's minds. He didn't have to wait long.

Dot Eleuterius asked, "When are they ever going to do anything to Brodie Road?"

The state of Brodie Road is a complaint Furney says he hears often.

Furney said, "I understand that. It's time for it to be paved. Maybe look at widening since the city of Biloxi is widening it to our city limits. It's something that eventually we're going to have to do. "

"I promised Ms. Eleuterius today. I promise the residents of Ward Four, Brodie Road will be paved. It's on it's way. The paper way is in line. That's one of things we can say we've done together. "

The Ward Four meeting on Monday will focus on issues like drainage, junk cars and speeding and the need for a noise ordinance. Furney says city officials are working to draft an ordinance he hopes will be on the council agenda in January.

"In my ward it's residential. Retired," he said. "They want to listen to the news and not listen to someone coming down the road. I think it's very respectful if they would turn the radio down. Roll your windows up. It's not necessary to be blaring going down the road. "

The D'Iberville Ward Four meeting will be at city hall at 6 pm. Officials say City Manager Michael Janus and State Representative Steven Palazzo will be on hand to answer questions.

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