Would you stop?

If you are driving along Interstate 10 and you see a car overturned and see someone standing alongside the road you would probably stop and see if the person needed some help. Take that same scenario but this time you cannot see the wrecked vehicle, but, there is a middle aged woman, wet and muddy trying to flag down cars. Would you stop?

Most of us probably would not. We have been taught to be leery of anyone out on the interstate or any other road trying to get us to stop.It may be a sad commentary on our society, but it is a realistic one.

Last weekend Judith Cuevas was going home from work when her vehicle was knocked off the road. It took her more than an hour and a half to struggle out of her overturned car, which had ended up in a wooded area off Interstate 10.

When she did get out and to the road, she could not get anyone to stop and help her. Judith says people probably thought she was drunk or a dope head.

So what can we learn from this? Gulfport Police Chief Alan Weatherford says he and other law enforcement agencies ask you to get involved when you pass someone on the interstate or other highways that seem out of place. Most drivers have a cell phone, so call 911 and report the situation. The police will then dispatch an officer to check it out.

Judith Cuevas had to walk a ways before she could call for help. But hopefully with all our help, the next accident victim will be more fortunate and get the emergency treatment they need right away.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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