Harrison County Democrats Question Moffat's Candidacy

In 1988, Eddie Moffat's walked away from the district two supervisor post and walked into a federal prison. 14 years later, his name is on paperwork to run for that office again.

Harrison County Democratic Executive Committee member Ellen Bonner says she first heard of Moffat's candidacy on the news. That's also how she found out about his felony conviction. Bonner hadn't seen the paperwork Moffat filed until I showed it to her.

Moffat checked the box that says he's never been convicted of a crime punishable by confinement in the state penitentiary. He also indicated by a check that he has never been convicted of a felony in federal court, or of a felony in the court of another state.

"This worries me a great deal. We don't need dishonest politicians," says Ellen Bonner of the Harrison County Democratic Executive Committee.

Bonner says the party has the right to reject or accept Moffat's candidacy. The executive committee must review and certify all candidates for the August primary ballot.

"We should be having a meeting in the next few days and I'm sure we will be considering this and I know the law will be followed very carefully and I don't know what the vote will be."

If the party keeps Moffat off the ballot, Incumbent Supervisor Larry Benefield won't face a Democratic opponent.

"That would mean that we chose not to have him run as a Democrat if we turn him down but that hasn't happened yet," Bonner says.

Eddie Moffat did not return our two phone calls. But when we first reported this story Monday night he told us the way he filled out his qualifying papers was not meant to deceive anyone. Moffat also told us he did a good job as supervisor and will do so again if elected.