Doctor accused of bribing witnesses: God will save me

By Steve Phillips – bio | email

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - He claims he's been abused in jail, but says he'll be saved by God.

Those were among the comments from a very talkative Dr. David Allen, who made an initial court appearance Thursday morning on charges of bribing and tampering with witnesses.

The retired heart surgeon had been out on bond on charges he grew marijuana on his 50 acre property off Highway 613 in Jackson County. He'll remain behind bars for now, after his bond was revoked during the initial appearance.

Thursday's court appearance was brief and unusual. The defendant was definitely in the mood to talk.

"God is going to save me.  God is going to save me from this, because I'm right. Look how I look. They won't allow me to use a comb or anything," the disheveled defendant told reporters as he arrived in handcuffs.

He was asked if he bribed any witnesses, as charged.

"No, I didn't bribe witnesses. I tried to help my sister. My sister called me and said, 'Please get me out of this hell hole.' And I said, I'll do anything for you," was his reply.

"I'm a good man and they're framing me. And this could happen to your family.  God's going to help me," said the doctor, as he was led into the elevator.

Inside the courtroom, before his lawyer arrived, Dr. Allen asked to make a statement to WLOX News. He talked about how the government is unfairly trying to seize his 50 acres of land, known as the "blue hole," just off Highway 613.

"These people are hunting the public. And what they did is, I have a million dollar property and they want my property because it has the only fresh water on it in the area," he said.

The drug charges claim Dr. Allen was cultivating marijuana on the land in a so-called homemade "grow room."

His support of medical marijuana is all over the Internet, including a blatant pro-pot message in a rap video that includes an appearance by the doctor. The video shows people smoking marijuana inside a room, that's purported to be Dr. Allen's office.

"Don't forget to tell your people, where to go get it.  Dr. Allen has a 'script, why you waiting to get it?  Because I'm high in the sky," the song goes. (Click here to watch the video on YouTube.)

There was no such jubilation in court.

Judge Larry Wilson promptly revoked Allen's bond, citing Section 29 of the Mississippi Constitution, which talks about defendants on bond being charged with additional felonies.

Dr. Allen's lawyer unsuccessfully argued against the action.

"Our argument, judge, is that before his bond can be revoked, that there would have to be a hearing, after which the court would have to find probable cause before the bond can be revoked," said Defense Attorney Matthew Baldridge.

Dr. Allen was just as boisterous on his way out.

"I'm innocent. These people are charging me wrongly.  The police are charging me with crimes I did not commit. I was trying to help my sister and he's trying to take my property. He's taking my property from my children, Daniel and Tommy Allen. He's taking my property from my children," he told the media.

With his bond revoked by Judge Wilson,  Dr. Allen will remain in jail.  The next step is a preliminary hearing on the new charges.

Judge Wilson promised one would be scheduled before January 11th.

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