Work Crews Pick Up Mardi Gras Mess

Mardi Gras madness left behind a trail of trash.

That's why clean up crews hit the streets early Wednesday morning. Every year the Fat Tuesday celebration creates tons of litter.

Armed with rakes, shovels and trash bags, City of Biloxi work crews pick up the post parade garbage. Cleaning up the Mardi Gras litter is an annual assignment. Messy streets are like the hangover after the party.

Leonard Jackson says the mess reminded him of something else.

"Oh man, it looks like hurricane season out there," he said.

It looks bad and smells even worse. Brandy Bartz admits no one looks forward to the day after.

"We're finding lots of crawfish and beer bottles," she said, while filling another plastic trash bag.

Keith Byrd and Don Glenn got an early start cleaning up outside the downtown Best Western. Their work day began at five thirty in the morning.

The assignment is straight forward.

"Garbage. The after effect of everybody in this town having a party. We pick up the pieces," explained Byrd.

It happens every year. Fat Tuesday gives way to messy Wednesday.

The clean up patrol parades the same streets the floats rolled down the day before. There are no crowds lining the streets. No cheers or applause either.

Johnny Payton looked forward to the end of the day.

"It's rough. But we're making it. We're doing what we've got to do," said Payton.

It's a job no one envies, but one most everyone should appreciate.

City crews in both Biloxi and Gulfport spent the day picking up the post parade mess. Harrison County sand beach crews also helped with the annual clean up.