Raw sewage leak leaves Moss Point neighbors outraged

By Patrice Clark- bio | email

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Tuesday's downpours are just a nuisance to most, but for people in some Moss Point neighborhoods, rain always brings a nasty mess. The people who live on Rose Drive say every rainfall washes into old pipes and sends raw sewage and water rushing into their street.

"There is raw sewage coming out, and it is just awful for us to have to deal with that," Moss Point resident Louisa McWilliams said.

"It is amazing to think that this has gone on for a 30 year period," Rodney Sample said about the sewage problem.

Rose Drive neighbors said every time there is downpour, water and waste flush onto the street and the area turns into a nasty lake.  They said raw sewage also bubbles up from the ground in the neighborhood. Residents believe ruptured sewer lines are to blame.

"Water backs up and you can't get out half the time," Al Davis said.  "One day I had to pick a lady up because she got stuck."

"This is a major thing that needs taken care of for the sanitation of the residents in this community," Sample said.

Neighbors said they have complained to Public Works for several years to take care of the sewage overflow.

"They said they were working on it one time, but I have not seen anything done." Davis said.

Residents said at times the leak is so bad it sends out an awful smell throughout the neighborhood.

"As soon as you open the door you get the odor; you can't stand to stand outside," McWilliams said.

Moss Point Public Works officials told WOLX the sewage problem continues because many of the underground pipes that carry the sewage to the sewer plants are old and broken.  Adding to the problem, they say, is the fact that Rose Drive is a low lying street.

The city has begun a four phase project to fix the sewer lines across the city.  Officials said residents can expect to see work begin on Rose Drive in January.  But that's a long way off for neighbors who are fed up with waste water gushing out of the ground.

"I feel like someone should do something for us. This has been going on for a long, long, time."

Public Works officials said they received more than $4 million from the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality to help fix the broken sewer lines in Moss Point.

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