GCCA Morning Parade Kicks Off Fat Tuesday

On Fat Tuesday, the downtown streets of Biloxi turn into a sea of people with outstretched arms and one request "Throw me something' mister," says one little girl hoping to catch come goodies.

Those doing the throwing hear that all along the parade route, as they toss beads, doubloons and toys through the air. One little girl and boy told us, "I like the candy and the beads. I like it that we're having' the parade here in Biloxi which is where we go most of the time."

One man told us, "It's all about the beads. It's just everybody having a good time."

Every Mardi Gras parade has first-timers. This is the first one for a husband and wife from Orlando, Florida. "We've never seen anything like it, we're loving it."

And it's the first time Chicago travel agent Jessica Halbert has ever ridden on a float. "I've never been on a float before so this is like a dream come true. No, they told us to throw, throw beads and be happy and that's what I'm doing'."

Reigning over all the royalty and madness is his highness King D'Iberville. Biloxi Businessman Jim Brashier has the honors this year and he says Mardi Gras is the one day of the year that is like no other.

"We're lucky to have it in this part of the world where you just get to have fun and act like you're in college again and pass a good time I mean it's a trip."

It's a trip that fun loving parade goers wait to take year after year.