Barbour orders millions cut in state budget

By WLOX Staff
JACKSON, MS(WLOX) - Governor Haley Barbour has ordered another $54 million cuts from the state budget. With tax collections coming in well below predictions, the governor says the cuts are necessary.

Barbour has already cut $172 million from the FY10 budget. Medicaid and and the Department of Corrections are among the agencies that will have to tighten spending again. Barbour says the cuts will mean reducing the number of state employees on the payroll.

The governor used the Department of Corrections as an example, saying when he took office DOC had 4,000 employees.  Today DOC operates with 3,000 employees.  "We can run state government effectively with fewer employees," Barbour said.

These cuts bring the total to $224 million.   The governor said he does not believe he needs to call lawmakers into a special session.  But Barbour says lawmakers will need to get to work on budget as soon as they arrive in Jackson in January.  "The sooner we make the cuts the easier it will be."

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