Pensacola Krewe Parties Here During Mardi Gras

The spirit of Carnival Season has forged a lasting friendship that transcends state lines. Every year during Mardi Gras the Krewe of LaFitte of Pensacola makes the trip west on Interstate 10 to visit here with the Krewe of Gemini and when LaFitte travels into town you can be sure there's a party not far behind.

Sylvia Marengo of the Krewe of Gemini said, "They have a P.A. set up back here. They have music going all the time around the pool. They have a great time while they're here."

On Monday the Pensacola krewe turned the inside and outside of this Gulfport Hotel into a Mardi Gras celebration.

"We started coming over here in Gulfport participating in the parade in 1995 and I think we had like 25 or 30 couples. This year will have an excess of about 108 couples that come from Pensacola Florida just to have Mardi Gras fellowship with our crew," said Jim Cox, Krewe of LaFitte president

All those years ago folks from both Krewes quickly figured out they had in common.

Jerry Strength is King LaFitte the 48th. He said "I guess we're all just all party animals ha ha ha We like to get together. We enjoy each other's company."

"It's like family coming to town back to town. We've developed such a rapport with this group that we thoroughly enjoy them. We look forward to them coming over," said Marengo.

LaFitte also comes over to ride in Biloxi Day and Gulfport Night parades. They say they always enjoy seeing hundreds of smiling faces whether in Florida or Mississippi.

"When you get around Mardi Gras time, people are all the same," said Cox. "They're just out to have a good time and the kids enjoy it immensely."

Krewe of LaFitte and Krewe of Gemini say their friendship is one they treasure not just during Mardi Gras But all year long.