Annette Fertitta's Entry Letter

Dear Rhonda & Tommy,

I would be the best co-host for Regis because I have stories about my 3 adorable & precocious children (2, 3, & 7)! As a speech therapist, I can get anybody to talk (even in Sign Lang.) I'd also be great with cooking segments because I can really cook!!! Besides that, being originally from N.O. I cook CAJUN and we all know how Regis loves his visits to the Big Easy!!!

No one would put me on the Tabloid covers about being anorexic, because I'm an average American woman. (But, I'm open to a personal trainer). Being a working mother, I could sure use the "quiet time" of being "driven" to work and that New York getaway sounds heavenly!!!!


Annette Fertitta