D'Iberville woman thanks officers for saving her life

By Rebecca Powers – bio | email

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - A 19-year-old from D'Iberville knows she's lucky to be alive. Carrie McGill was on Lamey Bridge Road headed to work Wednesday morning when her car skidded off the wet road, and plunged into the Tchoutacabouffa River, pulling her under with it.

She feels incredibly thankful to the two D'Iberville officers who saved her. One threw in a life vest, while another officer jumped in to pull her out of the freezing water and swift currents.

Just hours after almost drowning in the river, McGill wanted to see where it all happened. Her parents brought her to the river's bank. Her Mom can barely look at where their child's car plunged into the river after skidding off the wet road.

Carrie can't believe she's even alive to talk about her harrowing experience.

"I was in that water only 10 hours ago and now I'm standing on top of it," McGill said.

She knows the only reason she's still standing is because of the two brave officers who jumped into action, Officers Chris Roberts and Michael Knapp.

"I think they're amazing, I really do. Thank you. I think they're amazing, cause if it wasn't for them I probably wouldn't be sitting here, I really wouldn't," McGill said.

Her car is now 18 feet down at the bottom of the murky river. Sonar equipment was brought in to find it. The thought that she could be down there is sickening to her parents Russell and Lori.

"That's like, I don't even want to go there," Lori McGill said. "I don't think my mind can handle going there, I think I'm still a bit in a state of shock, I'm not sure."

They are proud to know their daughter did everything right. Officer Roberts said Carrie is a quick thinking, brave young woman who worked just as hard as he did to make it out of that river alive.

"You're my man of the year, forever. You really are. You saved my life, you did," McGill said to Officer Roberts.

"Again, like I said, you did most of the work," Roberts replied. "You did a good job."

Carrie was wearing her seat belt, the most important life saving device in a vehicle. And when she lost control of her car, she kept her cool enough to take her seat belt off when she hit the water, and got out immediately.

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