Sales clerks stay busy with Black Friday sales

By Doug Walker – bio | email

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Midnight madness took on a whole new meaning at the Prime Outlets in Gulfport. Thousands of cars and shoppers poured into the outlet mall ready to take advantage of Black Friday deals.

Many of the shoppers were dressed in pajamas as part of a special promotion. Many more had other things in mind, like finding the perfect Christmas gift at the perfect price.

And with so many shoppers, you can bet the sales clerks were staying very busy.

Store Manager Sandra Barnett said, "It's been crazy. This is what we've worked for all year long. It's perfect. The best shopping day of the year."

It seems that was the perfect word to describe the shopping frenzy that was just getting started at midnight, with a promise of many more hours to come.

"It's crazy busy and I hope it stays crazy busy," Sales Manager Elizabeth Huckins said. "I think it's going to stay that way. And we're here and we're ready for anyone who wants to come out and keep the business busy."

Busy was an understatement, as it took about 15 minutes for the average customer to check out of the Aeropostale store. But for the sales clerks, there was a silver lining in this midnight sales cloud, according to Barnett.

"It makes the night fly by. The night goes by much quicker with the business like this. Customers coming through all night keeping us busy and the night goes by fast."

And the dollars flying into the cash registers at the outlet mall couldn't come fast enough for these busy sales clerks.

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