Pajama clad shoppers descend upon Prime Outlets

By Doug Walker – bio | email

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Black Friday began at midnight at Prime Outlets in Gulfport with a line of traffic as far as the eye could see, a packed parking lot, and a huge line of pajama clad people.

Most of them had been standing in line for hours. All except for Jaden Rountree, who was savvy enough to bring a chair.

"I'm pretty comfortable, but it's kind of cold, so I wish I would have brought a jacket," Rountree said. "I have my wordsearch and my IPOD trying to keep busy."

Boxes of free pajamas and coupon books awaited the first lucky 500 in line.  The doors opened and the crowds poured in, grabbing the goodies they patiently waited for.  It was time to put those coupons to good use and spend some Black Friday cash.

Ignatius Bonck said he found some really good deals.

"Got a couple of deals on some pajamas and a few deals on some jeans," Bonck said. "It's great when you come to a place and spend under $100 and get a list like this."

The big sale wasn't just for locals. Anne Brewer and her friends drove over from Louisiana.

"It's excitement of doing it with the girls," Brewer said. "So I packed us up a cooler and we're going to spend all night out shopping."

And thousands of others did the same thing. After two hours, cars were still streaming into the parking lot and dollars were still streaming into the cash registers at Prime Outlets.

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