Enjoying the beach on a beautiful Thanksgiving day

By WLOX Staff

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Thanksgiving day was a beautiful day here in South Mississippi, so why not head to the beach? That's exactly what we found some coast residents doing. We spotted Chanel Ruiz, her younger brother Jason, and Chanel's three-year-old daughter, Jayla, tossing a football on the beach not far from DeBuys Road.

"I guarantee you, I am a better thrower than my brother," Chanel said with a smile.

Chanel may have Jason beat when it comes to throwing the football, but a little gridiron action is about more than just some fun for this family.

"We weren't easy on one another growing up," Chanel told us. "It was full contact football, tackle football, throw your face in the dirt and have some fun."

The only person not into the football fun was Jayla. To her, the beach is just one big sandbox and she had a lot of work to do.

During our short time at the beach, we also found some visitors from Canada and their dog Shasta. One of those visitors, Bob Wright, told us his visit here was to get away from all that cold weather up North.

Bob and his friends had a little trouble pronouncing the word Biloxi, but after some coaching, they got it right. Although they are heading to the St. Petersburg, Florida area to vacation there, the Canadians said they were impressed with South Mississippi, and will be coming back here.

Before they left, they put a turkey in the oven of their Biloxi vacation condo, enjoyed a little wine and had a great time on a beautiful Thanksgiving Day in South Mississippi.

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