Shopping for Thanksgiving feasts

By Meggan Gray – bio | email

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - There will be plenty of eating going on this Thanksgiving, but first the people doing the cooking, had to do the shopping.

Tim Fowler is cooking a traditional meal for his family of five.

"It's been pretty smooth today," Fowler says surprised. "I thought I waited too late, but it's been running pretty smooth."

While Fowler searched for the usual holiday trimmings, others like Chester Simms filled their buggies with less traditional things, like red beans and rice.

"Everybody comes to my house," says Simms. "My people are from California, Chicago, all over the country."

Bonnie Fairley is cooking for about 25 people this Thanksgiving. She's already made one run to the grocery store.  Now, she's wrapping up her shopping by choosing the perfect turkey.

"It's my second day," says Fairley. "But if you get in here early, you beat the madness, and I did. I got a turkey for under $20."

Yolanda Bayless and her daughter Corsheilia Walker are also shopping to feed their family.

"Let's see, we have some greens going on, some sweet potato pie, some dressing, pecan pies, turkey, ham," says Bayless.

Bayless says the cooking has already begun.

"Everything has to be made homemade, from scratch, so we'll do our pies and cakes today, and tonight I get up about one o'clock, and I go ahead and cook the meal for tomorrow."

Her daughter may not be ready to wake up so early to help, but she says at least they found everything they need.

"We're not going to be the ones on thanksgiving saying, 'Oh my gosh, we forgot the cranberry sauce.'"

Store managers say, the early shoppers get the best pickings.

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