Biloxi Islamic Center serves up a good deed

By Doug Walker – bio | email

BILOXI, MS  (WLOX) - It was a busy morning at the Biloxi islamic Center, as scores of volunteers gave up their free time to help a cause they believe in, helping to feed the hungry and homeless in east Biloxi, an area particularly hard hit by the national recession.

Workers dished up plateful of nutritious food, and other goodies, destined to help relieve the suffering of some on this Sunday.  Tajah Barnett is one of the volunteers.  She feels she couldn't find a better way to give back, telling us "It makes me feel real good to give food to the needy and it's good that were here being able to serve the community that is in need of help."

While the volunteers were busy boxing and bagging food, and taking it to their cars for delivery, Islamic Center director Sabree Rashid was overlooking and organizing the entire operation.  He feels despite the recent tragedy at Ft. Hood where a Muslim army major killed 13 fellow soldiers, events like today paint a new face on the religion of Islam. "We definitely find that deplorable, but we believe that we have to set an example, this is the true religion that people are seeing right now and we believe this is going to overcome the negative image."

Most of the dozens of meals were delivered to Loaves and Fishes on Main Street in Biloxi, where people came looking to fill up their souls, and not just their stomachs.  After a short sermon, it was time to eat. From the older to the youngest, everyone had their fill, including Jesse Johnson, whose comment was short and sweet. "I enjoy it, it makes the day go easier."

And that was the goal of the Islamic Center, to make it just a little bit easier for folks on this one day.

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