Possible Meth Lab Found In Biloxi Apartment

Biloxi police are investigating what appears to be a methamphetamine drug lab in a Biloxi apartment complex.

Police say Thursday morning two people were evicted from their apartment off Pass Road and Big Lake Road. When apartment the assistant manager and a maintenance worker went to check out the unit, they found suspicious chemicals and called police.

Police won't say exactly what they found, but do say it appears to be the things needed to make the illegal drug crystal methamphetamine. Police evacuated people in neighboring apartments until the chemicals could be cleaned up.

Although most of the ingredients used to make meth are available legally - combining the chemicals makes the unstable and highly volatile.

The two evicted people who lived in the apartment have not been found.

The Biloxi lab discovery comes just four days after a chemical in Gulfport which police have linked to drug makers.

Sunday, someone broke into Channel Chemical on Seaway Road and stole an unknown amount of anhydrous ammonia. That's the only component of meth not legally available.

Sunday's chemical forced the evacuation of neighborhood and hotels on U.S. Highway 49 near Interstate 10, and forced both highways to be closed and the Gulfport Biloxi International Airport to shutdown.