Ocean Springs Students Shoot Anti-Tobacco Movie

Nearly 60 Ocean Springs Middle and High school students touch up their wild hair and make-up. They're about to become stars. Then, it's lights, camera and action! Loud, head-banging music provides the perfect background for their anti-smoking movie.

Seventh Grader Lyndsey Thomas said "It's about this normal girl who comes into this club with punk rockers and Gothics and just extreme freaks. She's fitting in and doing fine, until she pulls out a cigarette and starts to light it up. All the attention stops and is focused on her, and she's immediately an outcast".

As the cameras roll, professional director Jim Dollarhide watches the actors' every move. Dollarhide said "I'm going to lose my voice pretty quickly. Other than that, it's not too bad. This type of thing we're accustomed to doing when we make the Question It commercials".

For the students who wrote the script, it's a dream come true seeing their words and pictures come to life. Seventh Grader Trey Owens said "I'm really excited, because we've been waiting for months and months to get this finally done. I think it's going to come together really nice".

High School Student Tracie Flavian said "It's crazy.  It really is. We're all screaming and jumping around and my calves hurt the last time".

The students hope their hard work will help push an important message. Lyndsey Thomas said "We just want to keep kids from smoking. We're trying to get across that it's not cool".

The movie was shot at Shenanigan's Teen Club in Ocean Springs. The students will unveil the finished product at a premier. They hope their movie will eventually air on televisions across the state.

By: Trang Pham-Bui