Doug's Blog: Time for a role reversal

By Doug Walker – bio | email

BILOXI, MS  (WLOX) - The past two weeks have been an eye opening experience for me.  You see, my beautiful wife of 32 years underwent major surgery, and I've been at home these past several days helping in her recovery.  As the title of this blog says, it's been a total reversal of roles.

In her 51 years on this planet, Lila has hardly ever been sick, never had a broken bone, never had surgery.  I, on the other hand have been put to sleep in the operating room so many times over the past 7 years, doctors were calling me Sleeping Beauty ( well, maybe not the beauty part).  Both knees, an ankle, a kidney and shoulder surgeries.  And each and every time, Lila was there to take care of me and nurse me back to health. It helps that she is also a RN, and believe me, I make a lousy patient. But she stuck with me, doing everything and anything that needed to be done to make my recovery from all those surgeries easier.

So now, it was my turn.  Would I be up for the challenge?  For two weeks, I've done just about everything in the house as Lila was recovering.  Cooking, cleaning, shopping, the laundry, taking care of Leo the dog and Zoe the cat. And you know something, I somehow didn't mind.  My best friend and partner needed me more than ever, and I was glad to play a small role in making her life a little bit easier.

Lila is doing fine, and will be back in tip-top shape in a few more weeks.  As for me, I have learned new lessons in compassion and patience, and even though the past two weeks have kept me hopping, I wouldn't trade those moments for anything in the world.  The look on Lila's face when I deliver a meal or drink, some pain meds, even a blanket, makes it all worth it.

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