Saucier family mourns son's tragic death

By Jeff Lawson – bio | email

SAUCIER, MS (WLOX) - A Saucier teenager's life ended tragically this past Saturday.

By all accounts, Christian Pierce was a good kid. The 9th grader had excellent grades at Harrison Central and was in the JROTC program there.

Christian's passion since the age of seven was riding his four wheeler.

"That is what he did every day," his dad Clarence said. "Motocross is truly what he loved to do."

It wasn't just Christian who would ride. Included in that group is Christian's 14-year-old brother and 17-year-old sister. The Pierces even have their own dirt track behind their Saucier home.

Over the last few years, Christian has won local and regional races. Most nights, if not studying for school, you could find him cleaning his bike. On weekends, the Pierce family would travel to motocross races across the south.

"He was always with me. In fact, if you saw him, you saw me," Clarence Pierce said.

Saturday at a track outside Ft. Walton, while practicing for a race later that day, Christian took his last ride.

"I could see that he was unconscious, he still had his helmet and everything on," Clarence Pierce said.

It was freak accident. On a jump, the bike had flipped and hit Christian in the head. Doctors believe he died instantly.

For the Piece family, this has been a very difficult and emotional week.

"It has been so hard, but we are making it through thanks to so many great friends," Pierce said.

Clarence Pierce wants people to know that his son died doing what he loved. He also wants to put an end to speculation and rumor that it was irresponsible for the parents to allow their teenage son to particIpate in the sport of motocross.

"It makes you mad," he said. "To me, it is just people who are uneducated. It was what he wanted to do. In fact, I never told him, 'Christian, you have to race.' He made that decision."

Pierce also pointed out his son was wearing nearly $1,000 in safety equipment and they were following all the rules and regulations of the sport.

Christian's two siblings will continue to ride motocross, but now they will do it in honor of their brother.

Clarence Pierce said his oldest boy died much too soon, but he knows his son spent his 15 years on this earth with a big smile on his face.

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