Report eyesores

We are pleased to see two different governmental units recently take on the issue of abandoned property and eyesores. Jackson County supervisors and the City of Gulfport, just within the past few weeks, have come out strong against property owners who fail to keep their property up to code.

In the case of Gulfport, that city has set up a special environmental court with the hopes of speeding up the clean up process. The new night court will be separate from the traditional city court where traffic fines and other minor offenses are held. City officials say they currently are working on about 550 code cases. Gulfport Mayor George Schloegel says the court is a vital step in building a cleaner, safer city, a place anyone would be proud to call home.

In Jackson County Supervisors say 16 abandoned homes pose a threat to the public. Supervisor John McKay says after Hurricane Katrina some individuals just walked off and in many cases left their damaged properties to the mortgage companies. McKay said if owners won't clean them up, the county will.

We commend both governmental bodies for what they are doing to improve the quality of life in South Mississippi. We encourage anyone who has an eyesore in their neighborhood to report it to the city or county government where they live. Abandoned buildings and eyesores are not only potentially unsafe, but they can also bring down your property value.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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