Long Beach aldermen approve harbor restaurant

By Jeff Lawson – bio | email

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - At their meeting Tuesday evening, the Long Beach Board of Aldermen approved a deal that will bring a well known restaurant back to the harbor.

The meeting room was packed with people. Most were there to see if the board give its okay to a deal between Long Beach developer Jimmy Levens and restaurant owner Rob Stinson. The Harbor commission has already given its okay. If the board approved, it would eventually lead to Stinson rebuilding his Long Beach Lookout Restaurant at the harbor.

It was obvious that the sentiment among those in the crowd was to bring the Lookout back. However, the representative from Ward 3, Kay Couvillon, felt a vote now would be premature.

"The purpose of discussion is not to prevent this business from coming into our city," Couvillon told her fellow board members. "There are a number of items that have changed from the original lease that we received and that is why I think we need to have a workshop."

Two members of the board agreed with Couvillon, but Mayor Billy Skellie called for the vote. When it came, it was close with four members in favor and three against.

Couvillon said she has several concerns.

"This lease allows gaming, or it could potentially allow gaming, south of Highway 90 in our harbor area," she said.

Developer Levens pointed out the lease clearly states no gaming is allowed south of the highway. Levens feels those who opposed the lease were basing their decision on misinformation.

The vote now clears the way for Rob Stinson to bring the Long Beach Lookout back, which is  exactly what he said he intends to do.

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