Saucier teen killed in ATV accident

By WLOX Staff

LAUREL Hill, FL (WLOX) – A Saucier teen died Saturday in a four wheeler accident in Florida. It happened just after noon at the Walton County Motor Cross track outside of Laurel Hill, FL. Christian Pierce, 14, was practicing for a race on Sunday.

Witnesses said Pierce became airborne after coming up the first hill.  He traveled through the air, while still on the four wheeler, then over the second hill where he flew over the handle bars and out in front of the ATV before hitting the ground. Investigators said the four wheeler then landed on the teen's head, splitting his helmet from the front all the way to the back.

Pierce was flown to North Okaloosa Medical Center in Crestview where he was pronounced dead at 1:34pm.

The four wheeler is a 2006 Suzuki L. It was impounded by the Walton County Sheriff's Department as part of the investigation.

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