Northrop Grumman Officials & Union Leaders Hammer Out New Contract

Tuesday, Northrop Grumman officials and union leaders hammered out a new 43 month contract that they hope will benefit everyone.

In the first year, employees will get a 50-cent wage increase, with a $3,000 incentive bonus. Healthcare premiums will drop to 14 percent.

In the second year, employees will see a raise of 55 cents, with an 18 percent healthcare premium.

And in the last year, employees will get a 60 cent raise, with a 21 percent healthcare premium.

IBEW business manager Chico McGill says this is a contract his members will accept.

"I look for a favorable vote. Certainly we didn't get everything that everybody would like to see, but the IBEW feels that they've made substantial gains on language and on goals that have been set between the company and the union," McGill said.

Seven-thousand union members will vote on the new contract Friday and Saturday. It takes a majority vote, for the contract to be ratified.