Veterans Share War Experiences

The students have spent the last several weeks studying World Ward Two. So, the stories the four veterans shared brought the stories they've read in their history books to life. Veteran Naomi Pointer showed off her cherished cap that was part of her uniform.

"I was a yeoman third on Goat Island and I lived on Treasure Island. My whole life is almost stated right there from the time I was in the Navy," says Pointer.

Pointer says she loved her years in the military. She says signing up was her way of serving her country.

"It was an exciting time for me because I was doing something for the war effort."

When Rosemarie Tulley joined the Navy, she was assigned a job that few women held.

"I got to do airplane repairs. Actually we worked on the engine, the aircraft engines and my rank was aircraft mechanic," she says.

50 years after World Ward Two, one veteran reflected on possible threats Iraq and North Korea pose to the United States today.

"There is no such thing as safety in this world for this country. We have to be prepared to protect ourselves at all times. I've seen us, after World War Two we dismantled our intelligence of our armed forces and we paid for it in Korea," William McArthur said.

Students say listening to the vets stories makes them better appreciate those who serve in the military.

"It was really interesting. It means they were very dedicated to their work and they were proud of being in the army and navy and military," 6th grader John Davis said.

"I used to take it for granted and just think, yeah the military ya know they're out there fightin' for us but I never really had met anybody that worked in the military and so it really puts it all in perspective for me." 7th grader Emily Vaughn said.